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POLYFON – LinearPOLYFON-Linear is a new look acoustic foam panel that can be used in halls, in order to improve acoustics properties and reverberation time, reducing the unwanted reflections, flutter echo and standing waves. It can improve the acoustic quality, prevent the room modes and increase the clarity.Acoustic foam panels – POLYFON-Linear contribute in offering a unique modern linear appearance, in the room. Installation on the wall, can be easily done with a staple gun or adequate glue. The acoustic foam panels made of polyurethane foam have self extinguishing characteristics, according to FMVSS 302.The upper part of the “T” profile can be covered with acrylic, ply wood, HPL “formica” strips, offering another aesthetic design.The POLYFON product range includes the following acoustic treatment products:

  • POLYFON S is an innovative broadband acoustic slab that combines Sound Absorption & Diffusion characteristics. It consists of the POLYFON-SBase and the Diffuser Membrane (DM).
  • POLYFON-BT is an innovative broadband acoustic Bass Trap panel that combines Sound Absorption & Diffusion characteristics.
  • POLYFON- FP is an anti vibration Foam Pad (FP), for near field monitor speakers. It is produced by high quality, flame retardant, dark grey, polyurethane foam.
  • POLYFON- KiON is an innovative acoustic Round Trap cylinder type panel that offers high Sound Absorption characteristics in a broad band frequency range.
  • POLYFON MB is a portable acoustic Barrier, offering useful Reverberation and Noise attenuation around a recording microphone.


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