BeamZ BBP62 Uplighter Set, 6 Uplights (FlightCase with Charger)

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The BBP62 is a complete set of 6 BBP62 uplighters, delivered in a in a rugged flight case with built-in charging station. Each BBP62 is equipped with a powerful battery for over 20 hours of operation when fully charged. After each in or outdoor event, the fixtures can be simply placed back into the flight case and recharged overnight for the next event. Each fixture is equipped with a specially designed charging connector, allowing it to be charged directly in the flight case. Simply connect the flightcase with a power outlet and you’re done. Can also be easily operated via WIFI with the “LED LAMP” App.

  • Complete Uplight system with flightcase
  • 6 weather resistant Uplights
  • Each Uplighter contains a rechargeable Lithium Battery pack
  • Operable via WiFi App
  • Flightcase with Built-in Charger for quick and easy charging
  • LEDs: 6x 12W 6-1 RGBWA-UV LED
  • Each Uplighter contains a Built-in Wireless Eazylink DMX receiver
  • DMX, Auto or Stand-alone mode
  • Master/slave synchronization
  • OLED display with touchscreen
  • 0-100% Electronic Dimmer
  • Powerconnector input (Flightcase)
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