Briteq BT-Profile HD

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Very compact, full color LED profile with 4 blades and 25°-50° zoom

Product available on request
SKU: B06044
  • A very compact but powerful “ALL-IN-1†full color LED profile with:
    • Integrated manual 25° ~ 50° zoom.
    • 4 blade shutter framing system to make sharp beam cuts.
  • No more need for separate white and color projectors, BT-PROFILE HD does it all:
    • Perfect WHITE with high CRI > 90Ra and CCT presets
    • Rich COLOR selection with color presets!
  • Thanks to the CCS Color Calibration System the color differences between different batches is a problem of the past, while this profile also works perfectly together with our existing BT-THEATRE HD2:
    • The same CCT presets for white, ranging from 1800K to 10000K !
    • The same 48 calibrated color presets (according to LEE® / ROSCO® numbering)
  • Based on a 150watt 5-color RGBAL LED-cluster (Red, Green, Blue, Amber, Lime)
  • Very silent operation with low noise cooling fan and different presets (live, studio, …)
  • DMX-controlled: 6 different channel modes for maximum flexibility
  • RDM-functionality for easy remote setup: DMX addressing, channel mode, …
  • Flicker free TV-recordings thanks to the adjustable high LED-refresh rate!
  • Four dimmer settings with different behavior & speed.
  • Manual control for dimming, colors, CCT & zoom.
  • OLED-display to navigate easily through the setup menu!
  • In case of DMX failure, you can choose between blackout and freeze mode.
  • Lock function to avoid unwanted altering of the settings.
  • Lightweight but rugged housing.
  • 5pin DMX in/outputs + PowerCON TRUE1 compatible in/outputs for easy daisy chaining.
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