Fonestar 7938 HDMI extender


HDMI extension via Cat 6 cable

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SKU: 7938
FEATURES: 1.3 HDMI extension through Cat 6 cable. Resolution 1080p@60Hz and below. Bandwidth 4.95 Gbps. HDR compatible. Supports EDID Transmission distance up to 70m for 1080p@60Hz resolutions with Cat 6 cable. Remote control return transmission function 20 – 60 kHz Auto-tuning and re-connection function. ESD, overvoltage and lightning protection (IEC 61000-4-2, 1a Contact discharge level 4 (8 kV) and 1b Air discharge level 4 (15 kV).
HDMI: 1.3
HDCP: 1.4
DELAY: 0 ms
POWER SUPPLY: Transmitter and receiver: 5 V DC, 500 mA with adapters included
MEASUREMENTS: Transmitter and receiver: 72 x 25 x 67 mm depth
WEIGHT: 0.16 kg
ACCESSORIES: Remote Control IR Transmitter and Receiver
NOTE: It is recommended to use good quality Cat 6 cables with FTP/SFTP shielding. Cables should have shielded connectors with the cable shield connected to the connector shield, thus improving the reliability of HDMI extenders, avoiding ground loops caused by interconnecting devices (player/receiver and TV) with different ground reference which may cause loss or cutting of the picture.
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