Fonestar VELA-AMP EN54

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Amplifier for public address and voice alarm system EN 54 VELA

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VELA is a voice alarm system in complience with the fire protection standard EN54.Complete solution for emergency public address and evacuation with zones. Dante compatible and ethernet connection for configuration and control via PC software. Among its main functions we can highlight the issuance of emergency warnings and evacuation with zone control. Check system status and monitor of speaker lines. Input and output DSP functions. Playback of pre-recorded messages, mic and line inputs, automatic switching of the backup amplifier.Each VELA-AMP central amplifier or VELA-EXT extension has 6 zones with independent volume. The system supports up to 252 zones, with a central amplifier and 42 extensions. Each amplifier provides 360 W RMS of power to distribute to the zones, with a maximum of 180 W per zone.It is possible to connect 2 VELA-FMIC firefighter microphones and 2 VELA-MIC paging microphones to each VELA-AMP and VELA-EXT extension core amplifier. The complete system supports 32 firefighter microphones and 32 paging microphones. If EN54-16 compliance is required, only 16 firefighter microphones can be connected.Great versatility of integration with other systems, with general purpose inputs and outputs, emergency control inputs for connection to switchboards, outputs to bypass attenuators, etc. Perfect for installation with fire and security systems.Easy handling and low maintenance cost. The amplifier is fully configurable via intuitive PC software.Designed for public address and voice alarm installations in accordance with fire protection standard EN54. Small and large facilities such as shopping malls, stadiums, conference centres, hospitals, residences,

FEATURES:EN54 amplifier for PA and voice alarm system. 6 loudspeaker zones, maximum 180 W per zone. Independent volume control per loudspeaker zone. Expandable to 252 zones maximum with VELA-EXT. Message player with 16 MB storage capacity. Error recording and storage. EN 54-16 certified. 6 GPI and 6 GPO. Compatible with DANTE. Software for PC.
POWER:360 W RMS all zones 1 – 6. For each zone maximum 180 W RMS.
RESPONSE:100-15,000 Hz
INPUTS:2 RD ports, for mod. VELA-FMIC, VELA-MIC or VELA-V. 3 balanced, selectable mic / lines, XLR, 600 Ω 20 mV RMS 2 BGM lines, 2 x RCA 10,000 Ω 300 mV RMS 1 100 V line for standby amplifier, euroblock 2 DANTE ports, 2 x RJ-45 (Primary and Secondary) 6 GPI, euroblock 6 emergency control inputs for contact closure fire alarm system, 2 x RJ-45 1 PS LINK for emergency power supply
OUTPUTS:1 REC out, 2 x RCA 6 zone audio outputs for expansion, euroblock 1 LINK for VELA-BUP backup amplifier, RJ-45 6 GPO, euroblock 2 status outputs by contact closure for system bypass, 2 x RJ -45 6 control outputs for attenuators, euroblock 24 V DC
POWER SUPPLY:230 V AC, 1100 W and 24 V DC, 22 A
DIMENSIONS:440 x 130 x 402 mm depth. 3 U rack 19″
WEIGHT:19.7 kg
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