Fonestar VELA-FMIC EN54 Microphone


Emergency microphone for public address and voice alarm system EN 54 VELA

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VELA is a voice alarm system in complience with the fire protection standard EN54.
  • VELA-FMIC is a firefighter emergency microphone for voice emergency announcements and replay evacuation and alarm messages. Provides instructions in the event of an emergency or evacuation and has control over the emergency status.It is connected directly through RD ports.It is expandable using VELA-EXTMIC.In each VELA-AMP and VELA-EXT extension, you can connect 2 VELA-FMIC firefighter microphones and 2 VELA-MIC paging microphones. The complete system limits firefighter microphones up to 32 and paging microphones up to 32. If EN54-16 compliance is required, only 16 firefighter microphones can be connected.
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