Alpha Acoustics POLYfon-MB


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POLYFON-MB : A portable acoustic Barrier, offering useful Reverberation and Noise attenuation around a recording microphone.

  • POLYFON-MB offers ‘dry’ and direct vocal recordings, with reduced room ambience and external noise. This helps to eliminate excess echo and reverb, allowing the reintroduction of equalization during mixing or post-production processing.
  • It is easily applicable in most types of microphone stands and clips offering an acoustic reflection filter, that regulate the reverberation without excessive coloration of the wanted signal.
  • Its polyurethane cell structure is designed to give maximum sound absorption efficiency, thus transforming the acoustic energy to heat in the foam cells.
  • The specially molded design and the addition of cavities (like Helmholtz resonators) offer maximum sound absorption efficiency. The polyurethane foam has self extinguishing characteristics, according to FMVSS 302.
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