Amplifikator Apart MA125


PA Mixing Amplifier

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The Apart MA125 PA Mixing Amplifier is a professional standard and affordable mixing amplifier featuring 4 mic channels and 4 line channels. Simple to use and hard-wearing, this 100 V amplifier is ideal for a variety of pro-audio applications.The MA125 is the most easy and universal 100 volt professional mixing amplifier for commercial and industrial applications. This amplifier is very intuitive to use because it has only the buttons available you really need. MA125 can drive 8 ohms or constant voltage loudspeakers.4 microphone inputs with integrated speech filters, 4 selectable line inputs and one emergency line/telephone input are available where MIC input 1 is meant to be the main microphone paging input.  The MA125 allows you to have priority with your paging microphone as well as a seamless mix of your microphone with your sound source.MA125 has a 3-level priority system where the emergency line / telephone input at the back have the highest priority. MIC1 has the second priority level and the third priority level can be activated by a dry contact at the back of the amplifier that mutes all background music inputs and activates the integrated chime. Further the MA125 is supplied with detachable 19” brackets.

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