BeamZ STICK-GU2 DMX Wall Mount Interface

DMX wall mount interface

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  • The dimmer switch of the 21st century is here and is one of the most exciting developments within the architectural lighting market. The STICK-GU2 provides a simple yet powerful solution for your RGB lighting control needs. The lighting levels, colours and pre-loaded RGB effects can be programmed from a PC, Mac, Android, iPad or iPhone using the included software. The GU2 has a simple interface with basic touch-sensitive buttons that include a: power button, mode changer, and easy switching between the colour/scene/dimming aspect of your installation.
    • Standalone wall mounted DMX controller
    • Glass design panel with 3 Touch-sensitive buttons (86x86mm)
    • 128 DMX output channels
    • 24 Scenes
    • 2K Standalone memory
    • Works with Easy Stand Alone software : ESA (PC) and ESA2 (PC/MAC) versions
    • The STICK-GU2 cannot be controlled through ETHERNET and WIFI network
    • Delivered with a micro USB cable
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