DB Technologies DVA T8

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  • 3-way active speaker
  • 700w rms digital power amp
  • high-end 56-bit dsp on board
  • 96khz sampling rate
  • network ready with an integrated rdnet port
  • acoustically compatible with dva t12
  • machanically compatible with dva t12
Technical Data
Speaker Type 3-Way Active Line Array Module
Acoustical Data
Frequency Response [-6dB] 66 – 18,000 Hz
Max SPL One Unit: 132 dB
HF 2×1 “
Voice Coil HF 1.4 “
Directivity 100×15 ° Single unit
MF 1x 6.5 “
Voice Coil MF 2 “
LF 8 “
Voice Coil LF 2.5 “
Amp Technology Digipro® G2
Amp Class Class D
HF Amp 175 W RMS
MF Amp 175 W RMS
LF Amp 350 W RMS
Cooling Convection
Controller DSP 56 bit with double precision filters
AD/DA Converter 24 bit/96 kHz
System Presets 9, (8xHF and Low-mid correction)
Limiter Dual Active Limiter
Multiband RMS, Peak, Thermal
Crossover Frequency MF-HF 1900 Hz
Slope MF-HF 24 dB/Octave
Crossover Frequency LF-MF 400 Hz
Slope LF-MF 24 dB/Octave
Signal Input 1x XLR fem, Bal.
Signal Output 1x XLR male, Bal.
RDnet remote control RJ45 connector IN/OUT
Power Socket 1x Powercon In, 1x Powercon Out
Voltage Range 90 – 240 V
Housing Polypropylene PP
Metal reinforced
Housing Design Trapezoidal 15°
Rain Cover Included
Rigging Points Integrated rigging hardware
Dimensions Width: 580 mm (23.2 in), Height: 240 mm (9.6 in), Depth: 327 mm (13.08 in)
Weight 14.2 kg (31.3 lbs)
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