Sistem Line Array Db Technologies VIO L212

3-Way Active Line Array Module

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SKU: 1030102430
  • The Db Technologies VIO L212 is a powerful line array speaker system.
  • It delivers exceptional sound quality with high clarity and precision.
  • The speaker system features a dual 12-inch woofer configuration for deep and impactful bass response.
  • It offers wide sound coverage and consistent dispersion.
  • The VIO L212 is designed for medium to large-scale events and venues, providing excellent performance and scalability.
  • With its advanced amplification and processing technology, it ensures optimal sound reproduction and system control.
  • The speaker system is built with high-quality materials for durability and reliability.
  • It is an ideal choice for concerts, festivals, and live sound applications.
Parameter Specification
Speaker Type 3-Way Active Line Array Module
Usable Bandwidth [-6dB] 55 – 18,600 Hz
Max SPL One Unit 142 dB
HF (High Frequency) 2x 1.4”, 3” v.c. – Neodymium
MF (Mid Frequency) 4x 6.5”, 2” v.c. – Neodymium
LF (Low Frequency) 2x 12”, 3” v.c. – Neodymium
Horizontal Directivity 90°
Vertical Directivity Depends on array size and configuration
Amplifier 3200 W RMS [2x 1600 W RMS Class-D Digipro® G4]
Cooling Convection, Internal fan
Power Supply Full-range SMPS with PFC (100V~-240V~, 50-60Hz)
Controller DSP 32 bit
AD/DA Converter 24 bit/96 kHz
Limiter Dual Active Multiband Peak, RMS, Thermal
Processing (Filters) FIR Linear phase
Signal Input 1x XLR female, balanced
1x USB Data Service
Signal Output 1x XLR male, balanced
Power Socket 1x PowerCON TRUE1 In
1x PowerCON TRUE1 Out
Expansion Card RDNet Card (1x RJ45 IN 1x RJ45 Link)
Dante Card [Optional]
Controls 1x Speaker Coupling (7 presets)
1x High pass filter Rotary Encoder (8 presets)
1x HF Compensation (8 presets)
1x System Test Button
Housing Multiplex plywood – Polyurea painting
Housing Design Trapezoidal
Handles 4 x handles (2 on each side)
Rain Cover Included [Rubber magnetic]
Rigging Points 3 points rigging hardware
Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth) 1100 x 380 x 450 mm (43.31 x 14.96 x 17.72 in)
Weight 54.4 kg (119.93 lbs)
Special Features – NFCTM and Frontal LED Identification System
– 380V Resistant SMPS
– IPOS Intelligent Power-On Sequence
– Opto-isolated floating pre-amp
– System Test (transducers diagnostics)
– Inclinometer
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