Fonestar 7940XT-UHD HDMI extension


HDMI extender via Cat 6 cable

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Cat 6 Cable HDMI ExtensionIncreases the transmission distance of HDMI UHD 4K@60Hz and FULL HD 1080 signals up to 70 m using Cat 6 cable. The use of Cat 6 cables makes it easier to run the cable through pipes and walls, reducing the difficulty and time required for installation.HDMI loop output in transmitter for local TV.In addition, remote control extender that allows remote control of the video source from the position of the TV and DOWN-SCALING function to transform resolutions from 4K to Full HD 1080p.For installations where the video source is away from the TV or projector, such as: exhibitions, shop windows, training rooms, conference rooms, sports centres, bars, restaurants, etc.

FEATURES:HDMI extender via Cat 6 cable. Resolution UHD 4K @ 60Hz and lower. Bandwidth 18 Gbps. HDR compatible. HDMI loop output on local TV transmitter. Transmission distance up to 70 m for 4K @ 60Hz and FULL HD 1080p resolutions. DOWN-SCALING function to transform resolutions from 4K to Full HD 1080p. PoC power supply of the receiver via Cat 6 cable. Remote control extension function.
HDCP:2.2 (Bypass or copy)
DELAY:1 ms
POWER SUPPLY:Transmitter: 12 V DC, 1 A with included adapter Receiver: PoC
DIMENSIONS:Transmitter and receiver: 80 x 17 x 80 mm depth
WEIGHT:0.18 kg
NOTE:It is recommended to use good quality Cat 5e/6 cables with FTP/SFTP shielding. Cables should have shielded connectors with the cable shielding connected to the connector shield. This improves the reliability of HDMI extenders, preventing ground loops produced when interconnecting devices (player/receiver and TV) with different ground references which may cause loss or break-up of the picture
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