Fonestar DOT-100TR


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100 V line attenuator with 3-wire or 4-wire priority with relay for recessed or surface mounting.Minimalist aesthetics, of FONESTAR’s own design, taking into account the needs of the market to make them go unnoticed in any installation, whether domestic or professional.Ergonomically designed potentiometer with 10 dimming and off positions, allowing easy manipulation.They offer 2-wire inputs and also 3- and 4-wire inputs for priority systems. Therefore, they are perfect for issuing priority notices in large installations.Thanks to their standard measurements, they can be embedded with universal square and round boxes for cardboard and plasterboard partitions (Pladur). They can also be installed on the surface together with the mod surface installation boxes. DOT-BOX, available in white or black.This entire range is served in white, however, for installations that require black dimmers, the black panel mod can be purchased separately. DOT-01N, easily interchangeable with white.Perfect for public address and voice evacuation systems, large and small businesses, shopping centers, hotels, cafes, game rooms, home use, etc.

CHARACTERISTICS:100 V line dimmer with autotransformer for recessed or surface mounting. 2-wire input and 3- and 4-wire priority systems.
POWER:100W maximum
TICKETS:High Z line 100V
DEPARTURES:High Z line 100V
CONTROLS:10 dim/off positions
MEASURES:Total: 83 x 83 x 50 mm depth Recess: 50 x 50 x 38 mm depth
WEIGHT:0.15 kg
:For universal square and round standard box for plasterboard partitions and for surface installation box mod. DOT-BOX. Distance between screws: 60mm
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