Fonestar FO-22SW51


5 x 1 HDMI switch

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SKU: FO-22SW51

5 x 1 HDMI selector.UHD 4K@60Hz resolution.HDMI 2.0.HDCP 2.2.Bandwidth 18 Gbps.Increases the number of inputs on a TV.It allows you to connect 5 HDMI devices simultaneously and select the display of one or the other using the selection button or using your remote control. It has intelligent automatic switching that is activated when a new device is detected.It is a small Plug and Play device (no prior configuration required).Ideal for viewing multiple sources on one screen. In educational centers, leisure places, sports centers, conference rooms, Home Theater, etc.

CHARACTERISTICS:5 x 1 HDMI selector. UHD 4K@60Hz resolution. Bandwidth 18 Gbps. Supports LPCM 7.1, DTS Digital and Dolby Digital. CEC compatible. Remote control.
TICKETS:5 HDMI female gold connectors 1 IR extender for remote control
DEPARTURES:1 HDMI female gold connector
CONTROLS:Input select button
INDICATORS:Selected input light indicator
FEEDING:5V DC, 1A with included adapter
MEASURES:81 x 18 x 58 mm depth
WEIGHT:0.06 kg
ACCESSORIES:Remote control extension cable
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