Boks tavanor Fonestar GAT-4507

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Boks tavanor 100 V line transformer

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SKU: GAT-4507
  • Ceiling speaker
  • Modern design with frameless low-profile round grille , which makes it unnoticeable in any installation.
  • It delivers crisp, clean and rich sound, making it perfect for voice and musical ambience.
  • ABS body and round steel grille guarantee its integrity.
  • Its simple anchor installation system minimises assembly time, with the screws being completely hidden behind the grille.
  • For background music and voice announcements in 100 V line installations in offices, small shops, restaurants, waiting rooms
CHARACTERISTICS:Ceiling loudspeaker with 100 V line transformer. Round, low profile and frameless grille. Grille height 6 mm. Frame 1 mm wide.
POWER:12 W maximum, 7 W RMS
LOUDSPEAKERS:6″ double cone
RESPONSE:110-15,000 Hz
IMPEDANCE:7 W RMS@100 V (1,430 Ω)
SENSITIVITY:90 dB ±3 dB at 1 W/1 m
MATERIAL:ABS and aluminium grille
COLOUR:White (RAL 9010)
DIMENSIONS:191 mm Ø x 70 mm depth
HOLE:170 mm Ø
WEIGHT:0.6 kg
:Quick installation system
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