Boks tavanor Fonestar GAT-4860SW Subwoofer


Boks tavanor me 100 V line transformer and low profile frameless grille.

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Subwoofer ceiling speaker

Perfect for bass reinforcement in installations with musical ambience.
It delivers great power with deep bass.
ABS built and protective steel grille that guarantees its integrity.
Its simple anchor installation system minimises assembly time, with the screws being completely hidden behind the grille.

Bass reinforcement for musical ambience of 100 V line installations in shops, bars, restaurants, etc.

FEATURES:Ceiling subwoofer with 100 V line transformer and low profile frameless grille. Bass reinforcement in 100 V line installations.
POWER:90 W maximum, 60 W RMS
LOUDSPEAKERS:1 x 8″ woofer
RESPONSE:55-200 Hz (-10 dB)
IMPEDANCE:60 W RMS@100V (166 Ω) 40 W RMS@100V (250 Ω) 20 W RMS@100V (500 Ω)
SENSITIVITY:90 dB at 1 W/1 m
CROSSOVER:Low pass filter, 12 dB/oct.
MATERIAL:ABS and steel grille
COLOUR:White (RAL 9003)
DIMENSIONS:281 mm Ø x 110 mm depth
HOLE:242 mm Ø
WEIGHT:2.7 kg
:Installation system with catches
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