Fonestar GM-22P Window Intercom Microphone


Mikrofon Window intercom

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  • Window intercom to facilitate communication through teller windows, glass partitions or screens in box offices, banks, work stations, control posts, private accesses, car parks, etc.
  • Voice is heard clearly. Easy to use.
  • CHARACTERISTICS:Window intercom microphone. Quality sound with anti-feedback processor. Duplex two-way sound with communication control. Independent volume and mute button for window and interior intercom. Easy to use.
    FUNCTIONS:Automatic communication control, internal intercom priority Anti-feedback processor LED power indicators on desktop intercom Power 2 x 5 W Optimum distance for speaking into window intercom microphone 20 cm The window intercom can be hung or stuck onto the glass with the provided double-sided adhesive pads.
    POTENCIA:2 x 5 W máximo
    CONTROLS:On/off Independent window and interior volume Window and interior mute button
    INPUTS:1 microphone-loudspeaker connection for window intercom, 3.5 mm stereo jack 1 line, 3.5 mm jack for playback via window intercom
    OUTPUT:1 REC, 3.5 mm stereo jack
    POWER SUPPLY:12 V DC, 1 A with adapter included
    CABLE:2.5 m cable for window intercom
    DIMENSIONS:Desktop intercom: 180 x 60 x 139 mm depth Gooseneck microphone: 396 mm height Window intercom: 84 x 117 x 38 mm depth
    WEIGHT:0.9 kg
    ACCESSORIES:Foam windshield Adhesive pad for window intercom installation Adhesive ducts for cable
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