JTS CS-1CH Microphone


Microphone station for chairperson

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The control unit CS-1CU, the microphone station for the chairperson CS-1CH and the microphone station for conference delegates CS-1DU together form a conference system with extensive configuration facilities for maximum flexibility.

  • Back electret cartridge with cardioid polar pattern, optimised for voice transmissions
  • Low-distortion speaker
  • Reproduction via optional headphones
  • Large function button
  • Status displays at microphone and desktop station
  • Priority button allows to interrupt an ongoing discussion between conference delegates, alternatively with a chime
DescriptionMicrophone station for chairperson
Transmission methodCable
Polar patternCardioid
SystemBack electret
Audio frequency range50-18,000 Hz
Power supplyVia control unit CS-1CU
Gooseneck length400 mm
Admissible ambient temp.0-40 °C
Dimensions115 x 65 x 170 mm (console housing)
Weight1.1 kg
Cable2 m
Connection2 x 3.5 mm jack
1 x 2 m connection cable with 7-pole DIN plug
1 x 7-pole DIN jack
Packing dimensions0.16 x 0.14 x 0.41 m
Gross weight1.552 kg
Net weight1.132 kg
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