Apart Audio H20-G Horn Loudspeaker


Powerful compression horn loudspeaker

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The Apart Audio H20-G is a powerful weatherproof industrial horn loudspeaker with compression driver. It offers high sound pressure, which makes this loudspeaker ideally suited for speech and the reproduction of alarm signals in a noisy environment. The H20 is ideal for long-distance and outdoor use.The stainless-steel brackets and rust-free bolts and screws make this horn suited for indoor and outdoor use. The bracket also makes it possible to rotate the speaker over a range of more than 180 degrees. Because this horn speaker is constructed in high impact ABS, it can withstand even the harshest of elements.The H20 loudspeaker is equipped with a high quality 100-volt transformer with several power taps and can also be used in 8 ohm systems. Our technology avoids any overload of your amplifier by controlling the impedance with the unique IMC protection device inside.

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