Shure BLX24/SM58 S8


Wireless Vocal System with SM58

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The Shure BLX24/SM58 Wireless Vocal System combines professional-quality sound with simple setup and up to 14 hours battery life for legendary audio performance right out of the box. The system includes BLX4 tabletop single-channel receiver, legendary SM58 handheld transmitter, microphone clip, power supply, 2 AA batteries, and user guide.
In the box:

  • 1 WA371 Swivel Adapter
  • 1 PS24 Power Supply
  • 1 31B1856 Thread Adapter
  • SM Vocal Series
  • SM58 Handheld transmitter
  • Up to 7 systems simultaneously
  • Pilot tone
  • Microprocessor-controlled internal antenna diversity
  • Quick-Scan function to find free frequencies
  • Dynamic SM58 microphone capsule
  • Frequency range: 50 – 15.000 Hz
  • Directional characteristic: Cardioid
  • Receiver with plastic housing
  • Integrated antennas
  • XLR- and Jack outputs
  • Audio Status-LEDs
  • Frequency range: S8 (823 – 832 MHz)
  • Including caseSet consisting of: BLX4E radio receiver, BLX2 hand transmitter with SM58 microphone capsule, microphone clamp BLX4E receiver: BLX2 hand transmitter: SM58 voice microphone: optional accessories:
  • Frequency range: S8 (823 – 832 MHz)
  • Very simple setup and operation of the radio system
  • Reliable radio transmission
  • QuickScan finds the best free frequency with one button
  • Up to 7 systems simultaneously
  • Microprocessor controlled antenna diversity
  • Transmission range of the radio system: 50 – 15,000 Hz
  • Incl. Case
  • Jack and XLR outputs
  • Two color Audiostatus LED
  • Internal antennas
  • Strain relief for power cables
  • Operating status and battery status LED indicator
  • Adjustable -10 dB pad
  • Quick and easy frequency adjustment
  • Up to 14 hours of battery life with 2 AA batteries
  • Lock function for on / off switch
  • Transmission power: 10 mW
  • Up to 100 meters range
  • For singing optimized frequency response with present mids and bass reduction
  • Consistent renal characteristics for isolated sound source and reduced background noise
  • Integrated, air-sprung vibration absorber minimizes grip noise
  • Integrated, effective wind and pop filter
  • Transmission range of the microphone 50 – 15,000 Hz
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