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Speaker Type2-Way Active Line Array Module
Usable Bandwidth [-6dB]75 – 20,000 Hz
Frequency Response [+/- 3dB]85 – 18,100 Hz
Max SPL One Unit133.5 dB
HF (High Frequency)1x 1.4”, 3” v.c. – Neodymium
LF (Low Frequency)2x 8”, 2” v.c. – Neodymium
Phase CorrectionAll-in-one panel with phase corrector
Horizontal Directivity100°
Vertical DirectivityDepends on array size and configuration
Amplifier900 W RMS Class-D Digipro® G3
Power SupplyAuto-range SMPS
ControllerDSP 28/56 bit
AD/DA Converter24 bit/48 kHz
LimiterDual Active Multiband Peak, RMS, Thermal
Processing (filters)FIR Linear phase
Signal Input1x XLR female, balanced
Signal Output1x XLR male, balanced
NetworkRDNet remote control RJ45 connector IN/OUT
Power Socket1x PowerCON TRUE1 In
1x PowerCON TRUE1 Out
Controls1 x Speaker Coupling (7 presets)
1 x HF Compensation (8 presets)
1 x Input Attenuation Rotary Switch
HousingMultiplex plywood – Polyurea painting
Handles1 x Side, 2 on back
Rain coverIncluded
Rigging PointsIntegrated 3-point flying hardware
Width x Height x Depth600 x 260 x 390 mm (25.98 x 10.23 x 15.35 in)
Weight18.1 kg (39.9 lbs)
Technical DataSpecification
Speaker TypeActive Bass Reflex Subwoofer
Acoustical Data
Frequency Response [-6 dB]35 Hz to Cut Freq (X-Over Dependent)
Frequency Response [-10 dB]32 Hz
Max SPL139 dB
LF (Low Frequency)
LF1x 18″
Voice Coil LF4″
Amp TechnologyDigipro® G4
Amp ClassClass D
RMS Power1600 W
Peak Power3200 W
CoolingConvection + Internal Fan
Power SupplyFull-range PSU with PFC
ControllerDSP 32 Bit
AD/DA Converter24 bit 96 kHz
LimiterRMS, Peak, Thermal
Delay Option0-9.9 ms (steps of 0.1 ms) [on-board]
0-62 ms (via RDNet)
Crossover Frequency LF-HFSelectable 60-110Hz + Full range
LF-Xover out slope24 dB/Octave
Signal Input1x XLR balanced
Signal Output1x XLR balanced (link or X-over)
1x RJ45 LINK (RDNet)
Expansion CardRDNet Card (1x RJ45 IN 1x RJ45 Link) [included]
Dante card [optional]
Mains Connections1x PowerCON TRUE1 In
1x PowerCON TRUE1 Out
Controls1x Input Attenuation Rotary Switch
1x Rotary Encoder (Delay 9.9 ms)
1x Polarity Inversion Switch (0° or 180°)
1x Cardioid Mode Switch
1x X-Over Freq Switch (60-110 Hz + Full Range)
1x System Auto-test
HousingMultiplex plywood, Polyurea painted
Handles2x Per Side, Aluminium
Pole MountM20 Thread
Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth)720 mm x 520 mm x 695 mm (28.34 in x 20.47 in x 27.36 in)
Weight47 kg (103.62 lbs)
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